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Add some U.N.C.L.E. to your computer arsenol with these nifty desktop icons and pointers (pictured below) by clicking here for whole set, or RIGHT click on individual images and save the link (or target) as instructed below. Here's a suggestion on how to use them from their creator, Pat Tamarin:

"Use an UNCLE Special for the "Busy" cursor, and a THRUSH rifle for the "Working in Background". At times, it might make for an interesting battle ;)"

11badge2 badgeThrush badgeThrush rifle left Thrush rifle right uncle logo uncle special left uncle special right

How to use the pointers and icons

The first three badges (11, 2, and Thrush) can be used on your desktop to replace any shortcut icon already there. First, RIGHT click on the badge of your choice and save the link or target (remember where you saved it!) Next, chose the shortcut icon you would like to replace by right clicking on it, then selecting Properties, Change Icon. Browse to where you saved the image and double click. Voila!
Note: This may not work on Windows NT.

To change your pointers from boring arrow and drippy hourglass, first unzip the file you downloaded from above if you chose the whole set, and save all the files to the Cursors folder in Windows. Or, if you selected and saved individual pictures using the RIGHT click, save the .cur and .ani files into the Cursors folder in Windows. If you are using Windows95/98, check inside My Computer and locate the Windows folder, then look further for another folder labeled Cursors. Put the cursor files in there.

Then go to:
Click on MOUSE
Click on the POINTERS tab
Highlight "Busy" and hit the "browse" button. (Most computers automatically goes to the "cursors" folder. If yours doesn't, go to the same folder you put the cursor files.)
Highlight the file you want (it should show you a preview of the cursor)
Click OPEN
Click OK

Do the same things for the "Working in Background" icon as well, if you like, and play around with some of your other cursors, too! (You can always hit the "Use Default" button if you get too crazy!)

Confused? Just ask us.

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