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by Theresa Kyle

In the interests of brevity episodes are referred to by the name of the affair rather than by their full titles; that is, "The Shark Affair" is referred to as "Shark." The movies which were made from episodes are referred to by their episode title, except in the cases of "To Trap a Spy" ["The Vulcan Affair"] and "The Spy With My Face" ["The Double Affair"]; since there were many scenes in these movies that were not in the original episodes, they are referred to as "To Trap a Spy" and "The Spy With My Face." The reunion movie ["The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair"] is referred to as "Fifteen Years Later."

These two pieces were originally published, in slightly expanded form, in "Relative Secrecy 1," editor Marian Kelly. The author wishes to thank Ms. Kelly for editing both of these pieces and finding mistakes the author missed.

One last thing. The reader should remember that, given the nature of Napoleon and Illya’s profession, any or all the information that they give about themselves, even to each other, could be a lie.